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Problems with your Sony Playstation or PSP? At the Console Repair Centre, Tallaght, Dublin all our technicians have in depth knowledge of all Sony's Consoles. From the first ever Playstation right through to the new Slim model of the Playstation 3 and everything in between. All faults resolved quickly and hassle free.

Sony PS3Over the last 5 years our team of technicians and specialists have become Playstation experts. Our playstation service centre located in Tallaght, Dublin is fully equipped with world class playstation test and diagnosis systems. We also can boast having most spare parts in stock. This means that your system will be in Professional Hands and will be back with you 100% healthy in no time at all.

The Console Repair Centre repairs all models of playstation 3 and PSP, All faults are resolved. To the Left is a list of some of the common issues we see on a day to day basis. contact us.

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Full Test & Diagnostics - Our Service Centre is equipped with the latest Playstation test and diagnostic equipment allowing us to quickly identify source of fault.

Expert Team - All our Console technicians have in depth knowledge of the Playstation 3 that is second to none.

Very Competitive Rates - We will not be beaten on price and standard of work.

Sony PS3 and PSP

Piece of mind, We are so confident in our work that we offer a guarantee. Our Guarantee includes work done and replaced parts. At the Console Repair Centre we only use original parts.

Our workshop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm just pop in. If you have any questions or don't see what you are looking for just give us a quick call and on of our team will be happy to help

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Cant get to the workshop to drop in your console for repair? Don't worry you can send your console to us, We will then make the repairs and return it by post.

You may not live near our workshop in Tallaght and need to get your system fixed? All is not lost we offer a Postal Repair Service. Also if you live in Dublin we have a collect and return service. We will collect the system, repair it and then return it to you. See contact us page for more

PS3 Laser PS3 Not Reading Discs - When you insert a disc you can hear it spin but it does not load.

This is a common issue that is related to the blu-ray laser. The laser may have become miss aligned or most likely worn out. We stock Playstation lasers for all models. Once we have replaced your laser the system will play discs as new. Just drop us a mail if you would like more info. Get it Fixed

Wont Turn on - No Power - You turn on the main power switch (on the back) no LED's come on. System is dead.

The best thing to do in this case is to make sure that the problem is not with the power socket itself or the power cable. Try the system with a know good (you know it works) cable and socket. If after that troubleshooting the system still has no power it would seem that there is a internal problem with the systems hardware. We have full test equipment and will be able to resolve this for you in no time at all. Get it Fixed

PS3 Logicboard PS3 Freezing - This maybe freezing during gameplay or freezing when system is starting up

This has to be one of the most annoying problem you can have. It usually starts of happening from time to time then it may become more constant. Nothing worse then playing online and about to complete a game maybe even win and your Playstation freezes. With our specialised equipment we can diagnose this fault and fix the issue for you. You can then rest assured that next time your online that you will get to the end of that all important deathmatch. Get it Fixed

Silver PS3 System turns off when in use- The Playstation will just turn itself off.

You may be in the middle of a game on your Playstation 3 and it will decide to turn itself off. The standby light will come on and you will have to restart the system. As with most faults this may start off as an intermittent issues but over time will become more frequent and eventually constant. Just bring the system into our PS3 Repair Centre in Dublin and speak with one of our friendly team Get it Fixed

PS3 Distorted Graphics- Glitchey graphics, Dropping Frame rate, Colour looks messed up.

While playing games or even looking at a blu-ray movie you start to notice that the frame rate is dropping, its looks like it is stuttering. You may notice that the graphics become corrupted after a long time gaming. This issue is mostly caused by a hardware fault with the graphics chip and sometimes goes hand in hand with overheating. With our Playstation diagnostic equipment we can quickly identified the root cause and repair your Playstation accordingly. As we only replace the components at fault this keeps our rates super competitive. Give us a call today. Get it Fixed

Green Screen Problem Green Screen - We you connect you PS3 to your TV - The screen is Green.

If you connect your PS3 to your tv via HDMI you just seen a green screen. Sometime you can hear sound sometimes not. If you connect the playstation to your T.V. with a standard SCART connection everything seems to work ok. This issue is related to the Playstation's HDMI output Get it Fixed

Overheating- On screen error - PS3 Fans are abnormally loud

As you may already know the Playstation 3 in normal conditions does get very hot. Overheating can be the cause or the symptom of an underlining fault. i.e. if the fans fail this would cause the system to over heat. If the system is overheating this may damage other components. Just like a cars engine overheating is a serious problem and must be fixed straight away to avoided further damage. We have specialised equipment to diagnose the cause of the overheating and repair it for you. If you get the onscreen overheating warning it is a good idea to give us a call straight away Get it Fixed

Back of PS3 No Sound- You can see a picture on the TV but no sound

The first thing to eliminate is the Software, TV and Cables. Try the PS3 on another TV with a known good cable. If you still have no sound after carrying out these troubleshooting steps you may have a hardware fault with one of the systems internal components. We can fully test the system and one of our PS3 technicians will quickly have it repaired for you Get it Fixed

No Picture - You can hear sound but no picture.

Screen is blank? First of all check all your cables and try a know good TV. Also if possible try different cables. If you still have no picture they you may have a problem with the output port itself or the internal video hardware either way we can repair it for you. We stock most parts so you will be back gaming before you Know it Get it Fixed

Dual Shock Controller PS3 Controller problems - Controllers are not recognised by Playstation 3

Problems connecting the controllers over Bluetooth, Controllers will not charge or controllers not detected via USB, All are different issues and we can repair them all. First thing to go is try a know good controller (that has power) If the problem still is present then it is most likely the system itself that is the problem. We stock a range of playstation peripherals in store. Get it Fixed

Playstation Network Network Problems- Problems connecting to the internet and Playstation Network

If you are having problems connecting to the the Playstation network via the internet the first thing to check that the internet connection is up and other computers can connect to the internet. Once it is verified that the network connection is ok then check the network settings on your playstation. If everything seems fine. it maybe the ethernet cable that is a fault once all these possibilities are ruled out it would seem that there is a hardware fault with your Playstation we can to resolve this for you. Get it Fixed

Hard Drive Failure - You may notice a abnormal sound coming from your PS3

All your saved game data and content you download from the Playstation network is stored on the internal hard drive. The size of this drive differs from model to model. We Stock replacement hard drives for all PS3's. We can even upgrade your current drive to a larger one. Get it Fixed

Playstation Cables Blinking LED's- The Playstation sometime will indicate a fault by flashing and beeping in a certain pattern

This list of common faults is only an outline of some of the day to day faults that we see everyday in The Console Repair Centre. Most of the LED's and Beep codes can be an indication of many different faults e.g. the yellow LED of death. With the technology we us we can identify the cause of the fault not the symptom. We guarantee all our repairs and parts so you can rest assured your system will be working 100% into the future. Get it Fixed

Games won't Eject - This is usually caused by a mechanical malfunction in the drive mechanism,

If you inserted a disc and it will not come out. Try and unplug the system from the mains power - Leave it for one minute or so then try again. If the disc is not ejected then you may have a problem with the internal drive mechanism. Just pop into the workshop and will will have a look at it for you. Get it Fixed

Slim PS3 Liquid / Physical Damage - Did you drop your new PS3 don't worry, have you had an unfortunate accident? - Don't worry.

If you are after having a unfortunate accident with your new PS3 Slim you may already know that accidents and physical damage is not covered by warranty. At The Console Repair Centre - we can help. Just give us a call our drop us a mail with the details and we will be happy to help. Nightmarel. Get it Fixed

Sony PSP PSP Screen Replacement - Cracked screen on your PSP, we have the full range of PSP screens in stock and ready to Fit.

All our parts are original parts and all are covered by The Console Repair Centre's guarantee. Most of the time our skill technicians can fit your screen and have it ready to go same day. If you are unable to drop by the PSP repair centre, You can always opt for our Postal Repair Service. Get it Fixed

Sony PSP Games not loading- You insert Sony PSP UMD (Universal Media Disc) and nothing happens,

One of the most common issues with the handheld console by sony. When you insert a UMD you can hear you PSP trying to read the disc but nothing happens. This can be caused by a problematic pickup or a mechanical problem with the UMD slot. We will have you back mobile gaming in a flash just give us a call and Get it Fixed

Sony PSP Front and Back PSP will not turn on - No power - When you press the power button nothing happens the PSP is totally dead on battery and with the power cable attached.

There is no lights or any sign of life. this can be caused by a faulty DC power port. If possible try a fully charged battery. If the problem still exists then there is a problem with the DC port or the internal logic board both of which we can fix - Get it Fixed

PSP not charging- The PSP works fine when plunged into the mains outlet but not on battery.

This issue may be caused by one of two things the internal Logic board has a fault or the battery has came to the end of its life. To test try to charge a different battery. We stock a full range of PSP accessories in store. If you still have a problem then best thing to do is drop into us and Get it Fixed

PSP Analogue Stick Button and case repairs - With general ware and tear the case and buttons of your PSP can become damaged.

Over the course of a PSP's lifetime the buttons and analogue stick can become less and less responsive. If this happens to the PSP's big bother the PS3 then the solution is simply - get a new controller however with the PSP this is not possible.... Until now we offer a PSP refurbishment service. Get it Fixed

No Picture on your PSP- The screen is not damaged & you can hear sound

You press the power button and can hear the start up tone but nothing appears on the screen it stays completely blank. This issue can be caused by a worn out LCD or Logic Board either way we can fix it. You can rest assured with our Console Repair Guarantee Get it Fixed

Silver PSP with headphones PSP does not have sound- Not hearing anything!!!

Maybe you cannot hear sound from the onboard speakers or maybe you cannot hear any sound when you connect your PSP to headphones or external sound system. You may require replacement speakers to be installed or the audio port on your PSP needs to be repaired or replaced. Regardless of the issue we can get you back up and running in a jiffy. Get it Fixed

PSP UMD Door PSP UMD Door Broke- The UMD door is susceptible to ware and tear.

All PSP models have the same inherent problem the UMD door, This door gets opened and closed 1000s of times over the course of your systems life and with most things that get used a lot they can and do wear out. We can replace the full UMD assembly at a fraction of the cost of a new PSP. Get it Fixed